Editing and Formatting

Editing an English language document

Not sure what to look for when editing your novel? Need help getting your book ready for publication? Then look no further for your editing and formatting needs. We’ve got everything you need.

You’ve put in the time writing the story. You’ve constructed your plot, developed your characters, and laid the groundwork for a happily ever after. Now take a break and let the professionals do the mind-numbing, tedious work. Grammar. Punctuation. Internal Consistency. Structure. We check for it all.

Our team of skilled editors will read through your work with unbiased eyes and provide honest feedback. Join forces with AFP today and let us help your writing dream become a fluid, well-written reality.

BUT WAIT: There’s more!

Are you tired of paying editors per job? Do you have a pile of your work and only enough funding to edit one? We’ve got you covered!

Take advantage of our “Editors on Retainer” plan

Hire an editor for a specific amount of time. Submit your work over that period of time, and they will work on anything and everything for one flat rate. Options include:

1 Month – $1000

3 Months – $1200

6 Months – $1800

12 Months – $3000

Don’t pay by the job again! Hire one of our editors for personalized service for the duration of your choosing. Send them Poems, send them Epic Novels, send them blog posts. You can send them Anything and Everything for one flat rate!

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