5day10k: Western 11/14-11/18

Write. Compete. Win.

There’s nothing like competition and a deadline to get those creative juices flowing. Compete in our weekly 5day10k, and write a 10,000 word short story based on the theme below. Submit the best story, and win $100.

Week 11/14-11/18




High overhead a vulture circles. In the distance a wolf howls. In the mud there are bear tracks, as well as several horses. You’re hopelessly alone out on the vast, sweeping mesa, yet you know that you’re not. You slow your horse to a walk, carefully looking at all the tracks, and then look back to your small herd of cattle. It’s your job to keep them safe. Suddenly you hear a rattling, and your horse rears up; as large as it is a diamond-back rattler still terrifies it. You’re tossed to the ground, and as you regain your footing you hear the sound of approaching hoofbeathooves, and a warlike cry that sends shivers down your spine


Westerns are undoubtedly the most iconic American genre. They not only tell a fictional tale of America’s distant past, but they are interwoven with themes of freedom, of a simple morality where right is right and wrong is wrong. In each of us, there is a restlessness, a yearning to wander, and westward is the way.


This week’s theme is Western. Capture the essence of the wild wild west with your 10,000 word challenge. Paint a sweeping vista with the sweep of your pen. Design a dastardly antagonist that will give your hero a run for their money. Get out there, gun slingers, and hog-tie your inner cowboy. Sizzle your brand onto this week’s 5day10k.

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