Arrowhead Review 1: Raven’s Tears by Alesia and Michael Matson


Raven’s Tears by Alesia and Michael Matson

From the very first lines of Raven’s Tears, the reader is transported to a world rich in detail and extensive in history. In a world ravaged by war, the pieces of civilization have slowly fallen back into place, creating a unique world of Earldoms and Duchies that exist alongside such modern conveniences as police forces and art galas. Now, caught up in the excesses and extravagances of that world, a priceless piece of jewelry goes missing. In order to catch a thief, the city of Fernwall relies on a former thief: Vincent Sultaire, the Raven.

Once the son of an aristocrat, he has estranged himself from society following his stint in the criminal underworld. Despite his fall, he is sent to investigate the theft. Along the way he is helped by his love, the lady Angelique Blakesly, the Baroness of Carlisle, though their affair is unknown. While Vincent is tracking down a jewel thief, Angelique is struggling with her feelings for Vincent – and a past she doesn’t want him to know.

Raven’s Tears is an exquisite and erotic romance infused with all the page turning elements of a modern detective novel. The characters evolve effortlessly as their backstories are revealed, and the twists and turns of the narrative keep the reader on the edge of their seats. From the big to the small the authors have spared no expense in manufacturing the vivid world of Fernwall for their readers. Raven’s Tears is an exciting, must read novel for any fan of the genre.

5/5 stars * * * * *

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