Arrowhead Review 2: Dead Man’s Trigger by Alesia and Michael Matson


Dead Man’s Trigger by Alesia and Michael Matson

Book 2 of the Raven and Iris Series picks up where Raven’s Tears so dramatically leaves off. The beginning is rocky and disjointed, but perfectly parallels the main character as she struggles with the dark and twisting corridors of her psyche. As she struggles with sleepless nights and prolonged bouts of day-sleeping, she is helped by the kindness of those closest to her. As she searches the recesses of her mind, she is confronted with her own disturbing past. At the same time, the reality she has meticulously created around her begins to slowly implode.

From the beginning the novel quickly builds steam. A torrent of characters, some from the first book and others brand new, make their way into the lineup. The Victorian/Steampunk city of Fernwall becomes increasingly metropolitan, and technological innovations that surpass those of today punctuate this evolution in the tale. Whereas the first novel in the series focused a lot on world building, this second novel fills in the much needed blanks on the characters.

Gradually the pieces begin to fall into place, and the tangled romance between the Raven and the Iris continues down its fateful road. Along the way they deal with a criminal underworld and overzealous police force. From anxiety to mounting tension to nail-biting conclusion, Dead Man’s Trigger is a whirlwind of excitement. Enjoy it today, available on Amazon.

4/5 stars   *    *   *   *


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