Writers: Self-Fulfilling Prophets

They say that to write well, you need to write what you know. That way the reader can truly experience the depth of every single word that you write. But by writing what you know, are you also writing what may One day come to pass?

Writers of science fiction probably understand this better than most. As we look around the world today, much of what we see is merely the brainchild of a past science-fiction writer. Even those who dabble in fiction get it right from time to time. But what I am talking about is whether or not authors are able to predict the course of their life.

The reason I am wondering this is because of a story that I have yet to publish. It is my baby, one of two stories that I have been developing for over a decade. One of the reasons that I have yet to publish it is because it means to much to me, and like most authors, I am secretly afraid of the criticism of others. I am afraid that they will not appreciate the scope of the world that I have created. But that is neither here nor there. As I have grown and lived more of my life,  I have become increasingly able to look back at my story and see a reflection of myself. Not just certain traits, but in the entire theme of the work, and now more importantly, the plot twists that surround my character.

Without giving away everything, it’s an epic fantasy story, but also a love story. The main characters backstory deals with the tragic loss of his one true love. When I first to develop the story, she existed as a mirror ideal. Later, when I was married, I thought that I was paying tribute to my wife by naming the character after her. Sadly, just like my main character, I lost her. (Divorce)

Throughout the story, my main character is forced to confront the antagonist(s). Now, as I look at them, I am able to perceive them as metaphors for my own inner demons. They look and act differently, but their purpose is the same.

As he struggles through the narrative, the main character slowly discovers a new purpose for himself. Following the divorce and a career change, I am also discovering a new purpose. The character can never escape the past, nor what haunts him, but he is able to push through. The same applies to me.

Perhaps it is because the theme is so universal that it is bound to apply somewhere. I like to think that writers are so in-tune that they are not only able to map out the lives of their characters, But are also able to foresee the various branches of their own life. Whatever it is, I am comforted by the fact that I know that my ending, although not perfect, Will be happy.

3 thoughts on “Writers: Self-Fulfilling Prophets

  1. Your post inspired me to write one of my own on this subject. Yeah. I think it’s obvious we write the future in a self-fulfilling way – writing itself is a form of magic. The right hemisphere of the brain is fascinating with regard to how this all works – I believe Lon Milo DuQuette and Frater Xavier at Mind and Magick on youtube are two great sources for this topic. I’m surprised to see PKD not mentioned in this post! Your ending WILL be happy.


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