Frank’s Lemonade: part 3


No one came. No one. He sat there for 2 hours as the afternoon sun fell into early night. He was alone and a few people looked, some even walked down the sidewalk right in front of his stand, but no one came to buy any lemonade.

Feeling very sad he went back inside with his jug of lemonade. His mother took the jug and put it into the refrigerator while Frank went to the couch and sat there with his head down. How could it be that no one bought his lemonade? He had worked very hard to make it, and in return he had received nothing. Mr. and Mrs. Goode saw how sad their son was and it hurt them, but they knew that some of life’s lessons could be hard. Making things easier wouldn’t teach their son anything about hard work and honesty.

Mr. Goode spoke up. “Son, sometimes even our best efforts don’t always produce the results we want but, we still have to keep trying.”

“I just don’t understand why no one came to buy my lemonade. What did I do wrong?”

“Well,” his mother responded, “I don’t think you did anything wrong. Maybe they just didn’t know about the lemonade stand and they might come tomorrow.”

“At work,” his father added, “when something doesn’t go the way we want it to, we all sit down and talk about how we can do better, or what more we could have done.”

Thinking about this for a moment Frank came up with an idea. “Maybe I should add different fruit juices to see if I can come up with something that tastes even better than regular lemonade.”

“Oh, that’s a great idea,” said his mother, “but, we can’t spend too much on the lemonade. I’ll buy extra lemons and fruit. But I feel terrible saying this; you will have to pay us back for the extra fruit from the money you make.”

“But mom!” Frank exclaimed, “the money was supposed to be for toys!”

“Yes,” she said, “but just like every business owner in the world you will have to put effort and money into your business in order to get something out of it. Think of it as taking a risk and getting the reward later.”

The truth was that the Goode family didn’t have very much money. As much as they wanted their son to succeed at his new endeavor, they couldn’t just keep buying extra fruit only to see it go to waste when no one bought it.

“And,” his father spoke up, “if for some reason the lemonade stand doesn’t work out, I’ll need you to do extra chores to make up for the losses.”

Frank nodded and began to realize that running a business wasn’t all fun and games. It was hard work and it was risky. If he succeeded he would have lots of new toys; if he didn’t he would have to make up the losses. Frank accepted the challenge…

Follow Frank’s journey from the beginning!

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