Writers Block – Fighting for Words — Neurodivergent Rebel


It is a pain when you have so much to say but nothing will come out. When words normally flow from your fingers like ink from a pen but your well has run dry.

I start a million blog posts but keep getting stuck at around the 100th word. Incomplete thoughts. Holding back.

Where has my inspiration gone and what caused it to vanish? Re-reading what’s on the screen in front of me I find myself on the eighty first word. Already my typing has begun to slow and I an not sure what I will write next. I’ll never make it to 300 – the magic number my goal.

Our dogs are playing loudly on the floor behind my desk, so I turn to watch their joyful antics. It’s good that they burn off some energy. They’ve been cooped up all day and we’re going out tonight.

Eventually the chaos fizzles out and I am once again left with my computer. I want so badly to write something, anything. Writing always feels so good.

I remember learning to type on an old typewriter that my mother got for me in elementary school. My teachers often complained about my poor penmanship somehow that lead to me typing up my homework painstakingly stroke by stroke. I hated and loved that ancient machine.

Not being able to use whiteout was hard, and I remember feelings of agony every time I had to throw away an entire piece of paper because of a single missed keystroke. Sometimes the ink would double because of a misalignment and no fault of my own. I hated throwing my work into the trash.

It would be several years before I would have the luxury of owning my own copy of Microsoft Word. Finally I can work freely without killing the trees.

Today writing is much easier thanks to laptops, hotspots, WordPress, and social media. I can even publish from my phone if I am traveling or on the move. There is no excuse – I have the tools.

Pushing through the block – I have done it, passed my goal of 300 words.

Now to reward myself with a hot cup of coffee. I’d love a nap but we’ve got things to do.

via Writers Block – Fighting for Words — Neurodivergent Rebel

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