Weekend Read #amreading #fridayfeeling

Well folks, the weekend's here. For most, that means some much needed time off from work, a chance to catch up on things around the house, and most importantly some down time. What's that you say? Not sure what book to read with your few precious moments off? Well look no further, we have an … Continue reading Weekend Read #amreading #fridayfeeling


Happy – Austin L. Wiggins

Rain finished gracing the earth in April and the subsequent bloom in May produced vibrant flora. Over the following weeks photographers of both the amateur and professional varieties trampled splotches of the bloom-age into the clay. The bloom in area was so great it could be seen from space, and after a couple of weeks … Continue reading Happy – Austin L. Wiggins

Small Victories – Austin L. Wiggins

Illuminated LED lights on the clock blinked three in the morning then faded into blackness, just to return to neon red moments later. Victoria sat at a makeshift desk made of particleboard and scavenged stands and within her entire apartment there was a single light that illuminated the paper she etched into. She carved into … Continue reading Small Victories – Austin L. Wiggins

A crave once carved — Björn Rudbergs writings

A crave once carved on polished gneiss with lips and hips you met my piercing spear; your moan reverbs in rock, a memory embracing we are locked, perhaps in vice we’ve not eroded, and through the years preserved is lust, echoes still with ecstasy. Among the ships remain our mystery we tilled the soil, we … Continue reading A crave once carved — Björn Rudbergs writings

The Clown: Beginnings – Ian Hill

The Clown:  Beginnings 1983-2004:  Harold leads a normal life full of excitement and laughter, but he finds himself with thoughts of rage.  His friends comment on the “episodes” where Harold will snap at random times. March 15, 2004:  Harold graduates from Paramedic school and is assigned to a station. April 23, 2004:  Harold goes on … Continue reading The Clown: Beginnings – Ian Hill