Blinding Headlights

He leaned into the curve as he brought the car as close to the edge of the embankment as he dared. The white line marking the edge of the road was barely visible, and he could not see the drop off, but he knew that it was there. Eventually the twisting turning road leveled out, and he sat back straight into his seat. His eyes nervously glanced into the rear-view mirror. The lights were still behind him.

He pressed his foot down on the accelerator and felt the car surge beneath him. He glanced back again, happy to see that the distance between his car and the other vehicle was growing. He brought his eyes back to the road and immediately slammed his foot on the brake. It was another turn, and he was forced to bleed most of his speed.

The vehicle behind him was able to enter the turn much more smoothly, and as a result it lost less of it speed. He felt a moment’s panic, realizing that the vehicle was gaining on him. He wasn’t sure what kind of vehicle was behind him, but the headlights  seemed to indicate something powerful. He wouldn’t be able to lose it on the straight stretches. He needed the turns, and unfortunately those were going to be in short supply.
His heart rate increased and he could feel beads of sweat forming along his hairline. His arms were locked, his fingers grasping the steering wheel in a death grip. The light reflecting into his eyes was growing blinding as the vehicle behind him got closer, closer, closer. He knew it would only be  a matter of moments until the vehicle behind him caught up and ended it all.

There was no getting away, no matter how he hugged the curves, no matter how far he pressed the pedal. His mind began racing, thinking about what he would do next. He stole one last glance into the rear-view mirror, and then everything changed.

The vehicle behind him had slowed down. It had its blinker on, and was waiting for traffic in the left lane to pass before it could make its turn. He smiled as the headlights faded into the distance behind him before disappearing entirely. The race was over, and that poor sucker would never know he lost.

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