Earth and Water


From the Prophecies of Verdan

The thirst for water will destroy much of the population.

The hunger for land will destroy mankind.


The ancients asked for offerings of earth and water. They knew what mattered, and what did not. Our decline began when the desires of man shifted from from the necessary to the nonessential.

The breaking of humanity will begin with water. Water, the source of life. Water, the universal solvent. Although it is the most abundant resource on earth, mankind can only consume a small percentage of it. In its desperate need to grow, to multiply, to advance, man has injured itself by polluting much of the potable water. In desperation, it has burrowed deep into the earth to tap untouched aquifers, it has developed technologies to remove salt from the seas, and it uses reverse osmosis to safely drink from its own polluted wastes.

As the global population continues its exponential growth, the strain on these fresh water sources will lead to a global scarcity. Water, the most abundant resource on earth, will become more valuable than oil, more valuable than gemstones, more valuable than gold. This is as it should be, as it ever should have been. Water is necessary for life. It is no trinket with some imagined value.

We have already glimpsed what the future holds. Nations – imagined entities whose shape is governed by natural boundaries and other nations – will compete with one another for access to water. It will be as it always has been and always will be. The strong will survive and the weak will assimilate or die. But this will not be the end.

Mankind’s ingenuity will resolve the issue with water. The cycle of water is eternal, and for every bit that man consumes, man will relinquish. Mankind will revel in its technological ingenuity, and will succeed in economically providing water to the world. Nations will shift and change, and humanity will continue forward only slightly diminished. The numbers that were lost will be replaced and multiplied. Mankind will grow vertically, until it is forced to grow horizontally. This horizontal growth will trigger the beginning of the end of humanity.

Land is finite. Land is not part of a perpetual cycle, or rather, not part of a cycle that can be used in the lifetime of a man. Its cycle is much slower, and as a consequence more lasting than mercurial water. Its exploitation is therefore much more difficult; once exploited, what was lost cannot be reclaimed.

As mankind spreads its homes and hovels, the amount of arable land will diminish. Nations will strain to feed themselves, developing new forms of urban agriculture to supplement their struggling crops. Nations will once more fight for control of the few remaining lots of land, but this time there will be no solution for peace. There will only be hunger, and the desire to satiate that hunger.

The contest will be bitter, the contest will be long. In the end none shall succeed, for the contest will leave the land barren and desolate. So consumed with the immediacy of its short existence, so divided by its purposeless bigotries, mankind will have destroyed the celestial garden it was charged with nurturing. The tainted fruits will provide no nourishment, no matter how well watered, and the death of man will come with distended bowel and sunken eye.

Transcribed by an unknown hand. 





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