Makes the Time Go By


“You haven’t stopped today,” said Meghan.

He paused in the middle of his task and smiled. It was no different today than any other day. He liked to stay busy. “It makes the time go by,” he replied. And it did. Days when there was nothing else to do were slow days, which made it hard to get a solid 8.

He turned back to what he was doing and he felt a sharp pain in his back. That’s what he got for all the lifting. He only had two more days until he was off; he’d try to rest and relax, take some time to recuperate. His body wasn’t as young as it used to be. He got back to it, trying to stay busy and get through the day as quickly as possible.

He was halfway through putting some things away when  he heard them call for him over the intercom. He sighed and paused his work to answer the phone. It was one of his managers, asking a question about an order that he had already dealt with. On the plus side he already knew the answer, so he wouldn’t have to worry about it like he had earlier. Now, he could definitively answer every question about the sale.

“And what was the problem with Mrs. French’s order?” his manager asked.

“She uh..” he paused, trying to gather his thoughts. What had been the problem again? He had known it just a second ago, and now it was on the tip of his tongue like the name of a song stuck in his head. What was it? The early mornings were catching up to him, he wasn’t getting enough rest and his mind was getting rusty.

After a few seconds of thought the answer came back to him. He rattled off the reason for the return, mentally patting himself on the back for being able to juggle all of his tasks, despite the growing hiccups.

He was finally able to finish what he had been working on. A quick glance at the clock told him his day was almost done, and he smiled. Another day, another dollar.

He left his area and went through his “done for the day routine.” He stopped by the bathroom before clocking out, a chance to freshen up before getting in his car. He walked in and washed his hands. As he studied his face in the mirror, he was surprised to see the flecks of white in his beard. Or rather, the spread. It seemed like only yesterday when the first two had appeared; now they had multiplied like rabbits, stretching down his neck. When had that happened?

He dried his hands and walked out the door, thankful quitting time had arrived. He was glad it had been a busy day. It made the time go by.

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