Bob – J. Vessly

blue eyes.jpg

Bob came to visit again last night. Originally he scared me, but he has become somewhat comforting. I’m getting ahead of myself though…

The first time he showed up was around October of 2016. It was at night, but I don’t know the exact time. His (it’s) name isn’t really “Bob,” but I had to name it something. Bob has black skin, but not like a human. His skin is the color a laser printer would print if it had a full toner cartridge. His eyes are bluer than the sky or any color Crayola could ever produce. His teeth are as white as a late night dental commercial.

The first time we met he bit me. He left teeth marks on my back. I spoke to a priest, but no one believed me he was real. My dog Sammie used to bark at him when he’d show up, but eventually gave up on trying to scare him away.

He doesn’t show up every night anymore. Only a couple times a week. When he shows up now, he just sits at the foot of the bed. He never speaks, but I try to talk to him sometimes. I’m just glad he doesn’t bite me anymore.

He always gestures that there is something I need to see outside, but I don’t trust him.

I hope he stops visiting.


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