Tiger Beetle – N. Ulrich

It was several months before we talked again. This was back when AOL instant messenger still existed. I was LordAarog0rn. I know it's not how you spell it, but it was already taken so I had to get tricky with my 1337 computer skills. You were denisonluvsme, named for some singer I'd never heard of, … Continue reading Tiger Beetle – N. Ulrich

The First Time I Met You – N. Ulrich

The first time I met you was at O'Charley's. I was there with your friend, my girlfriend at the time. She was introducing me to you and another one of her friends. She couldn't have known it when she did it, but she was tipping the first domino of fate that would put us together. … Continue reading The First Time I Met You – N. Ulrich