Refrigerator Cave

His muscles flexed as he gripped the edges of the cardboard box. The refrigerator weighed over four hundred pounds, but it wasn’t hard to move across the smooth concrete floor. Making sure it was flush, he moved down the line to the next one, and the next one.

The warehouse was his responsibility. He had to make sure that the freight was properly stored, and that everything was easy to access. He was in charge of making sure that all the fridges got put up and labeled. No one else wanted to get their hands dirty.

He took a large black marker and put the item number on each refrigerator. It was monotonous, but it wouldn’t take him long. He continued down the line, adjusting and moving fridges as needed until everything was lined up just right.

With a quick glance to the left and right, he snaked his way between a fridge and the steel racking. It was a small gap, one not overly inviting, but just large enough. He squeezed between the back refrigerator and the wall and worked his way to a small clearing he had left among the appliances.

Other people could have their magical wardrobes. He had constructed his own personal Narnia at work.

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