You Know, Boss…

He hadn’t gone to Charlie looking for answers, but he got them anyway. That’s the kind of guy Charlie was – a fount of wisdom and modern proverbs that helped anyone regardless of the situation.

He had gone through a divorce, and had just started dating again. He had been talking to Charlie about all of it as they were driving down the road. Charlie’s hands were firmly fixed at 10 and 2, and his elbows were locked as he guided the truck down the road.

“You know, boss, there ain’t nothing to be ashamed of. There’s a lid for every pot, and sometimes they fit but they don’t fit perfectly. You gotta find that lid that works, said Charlie in a voice that was unmistakably his.

He nodded. It was a simple analogy and it made complete sense. “I see what you’re saying.”

Charlie reached over and smacked him on the elbow, like he was letting him in on one of life’s biggest secrets. The tap on the arm seemed almost to say ‘this stays between us.’

“Oh believe me, boss, I’ve been around. I’ve seen it, and you can’t keep dragging your feet. Time don’t stop to wait for you while you get your shit together, she just keeps fucking rolling. So you gotta reach out and catch hold.”

He nodded again. Sometimes there was nothing to say. Charlie was direct and said things in such a simple way that they spoke profoundly to your soul. He looked out the window and decided to catch hold, because he knew life wasn’t going to stop while he got his shit together.

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