The First Time I Met You – N. Ulrich


The first time I met you was at O’Charley’s. I was there with your friend, my girlfriend at the time. She was introducing me to you and another one of her friends. She couldn’t have known it when she did it, but she was tipping the first domino of fate that would put us together.

We talked. We ordered food. We exchanged pleasantries. You sat across from me, and the entire time we were there I couldn’t take my eyes off of your eyes. Eyes are my thing, and you have the best pair I’ve ever seen. You still do, I imagine.

As we talked the conversation came around to you. You all couldn’t stay long because you had a date later that afternoon with some guy named Tyler. At that point you asked your girlfriends if you looked OK and ready to meet him. I was trying to be funny, so I told you you had a little bit of salad dressing on your tank top. You immediately freaked out and went to the bathroom with your friend. Needless to say, my teasing didn’t go the way I hoped.

You came back and we all went our separate ways. I didn’t know at the time that you’d be back in my life someday. In fact, I didn’t talk to you again for months. Things had to work their way to that point, and we weren’t there yet.

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