The New Year’s Day Virus

This is a personal recollection on what happened. I’m not too sure who I’m writing this too, or even if anyone other than me will read it. But until then, I guess I’ll call this a personal recollection. I don’t know where to start, but I suppose I will start from the very beginning. And I mean the VERY beginning. Well, as far as I know the start was back in the end of 2017. The problem was a computer virus back then. We now know that the virus was released at 1 minute to midnight on new years eve 2017. On January 2018, Windows, Mac, Linux, etc, were getting infected with the virus. It was undetectable at first, but some tech savvy people realized that their computer storage decreased by 2 MB every single day. People got worried and contacted their different tech supports, and some scammers even hopped in claiming to fix this seemingly national problem. (This took place in USA by the way, forgot to mention that. Also my name is Callum. Also forgot to mention that. Sorry.) Then all of a sudden, Microsoft came out with a patch. Then Apple. And so on, the problem disappeared.

A week later tons of worldwide computers crashed. Alot. It was bad, and Linux computers were hit the most. The company stocks dropped dramatically, and the company owning it went bankrupt in 3 days. 3 DAYS. The entire problem was unthinkable 2 weeks before. Unsetting detail, that turns into quite worrying when I mention it, is the fact that when the computers started back up the user was greeted by a red smiling face.

If they pressed space, sometimes personal info of the user or users popped up. Names, online aliases, even frightening details like house addresses or birthdates. May I mention that homemade computers were not affected? So the clear solution here is to just make homemade computers from now on, right? Well, scientists really wanted an answer for this. And boy, were they working to find out the answer. The company took top research guys from all over the globe, (with a handful of interns, ceos, and people they thought could either help them or assist the researchers. May I add that I’m one of the members in the group (intern). I have access to the database of events and research logs. And yes, I’ll use plenty in whatever this is.

Back when 100% of the research was focused on only the computer virus, we were not making much progress, but we were at least confident. We found out that the computer virus first started infecting computers in california. Then it spread to most of the pacific shore states, before growing to the midwest, and the rest of the US. Then then tried to start find out how to, you know, REMOVE the virus. And that was when things got stuck. I’m just going to show you a voice recording of one of the former (dead) scientists.

“This is Otis with the login report for the week. Now, uh… we did not make any progress in removing the malware, as it seems that it completely encrypts itself in the files. So currently the only way to remove the malware is to remove the hard drive, and the computer obviously can’t run without that, so we installed a new one and it almost immediately got infected. We are still trying to figure out why homemade computers are not infected, and the clear difference between them and factory made ones. cough I uh.. I-we are still working on this, and hope to make new progress. “

That was Otis. He got tasked with doing the weekly report. And he did just that. I’m not going to just input every report, because to be honest most of them were 1 or 2 sentences.

“This is Otis with the report, we have not made any progress with anything, but are still working.”

However they did make some sort of what you would call a “breakthrough” 2 weeks from then.

“Hey this is Otis for the weekly report, and we have made progress in identifying what the malware is capable of. You see, it used to only be able to infect computers, as far as we knew, but now it can actually infect any electronics that are hooked up to the internet. Hell even this voice recorder could be infected if it was not for the wall.”

What Otis is referring to is what I’d like to call the “cyber-wall”. Original, I know, but I completely forgot what it was actually called. What Otis called it. I might look in all of the feeds to see if he called it by name instead of nickname. Anyhow, it protected internet machines from getting hacked ,as far as we all knew. So all of us kept on trying to find out safe ways to remove the virus from people’s computers.

All of a sudden, a new face would appear on people’s screens. A green one. It had a curved smile, and the text below it was: “Symptoms include: Insomnia, anxiety, general insanity and”. It just stopped there. The team was trying to figure out why it stopped there, why the face was green and non-symmetrical now, and why it even was talking about symptoms in the first place. Then, in the city of Rochester Minnesota USA, a virus was discovered in 3 patients. A human virus. Patient 1 was showing signs of insomnia, and they were shaking uncontrollably. Patient 2 was once again showing signs of insomnia, but apart from that was fine. Patient 3 was seemingly completely insane, and had darkened skin under their eyes. The Mayo Clinic found that the 3 patients all had an unknown pathogen inside of their body, and through blood tests managed to get some of the pathogen inside a test tube. The World Health Organization was made aware of the situation, They never found out which patient got the disease first, nor how it was contracted. Our team, (which now had government funding on our side), demanded that The Mayo Clinic give us the test tube for our own personal analysis. They did not respond, because at 6:32 PM The Mayo Clinic building exploded.

90% of everyone at the building were killed. Exactly 90%. That didn’t sit well with me at the time, because that couldn’t be a coincidence. But there was one more thing, you see, the building exploded. We were unsure how the disease spread between the original patients, but 1 thing was for sure, the virus was released in the process. It would quickly spread across the country, and even that most borders were blocked, eventually to the whole world. In orders of disease protection, it was us and the World Health Organization. The public began to float to our side, because we were tackling both problems.

The World Health Organization, or WHO, sent us more resources in tackling the disease, and eventually merged with us. Because I was an intern, I was frequently doing different jobs. 1 of the days I’m taken into a stereotypical lab, and someone wearing a tie ushered me to help him. I poured 3 substances together, and he analysed it using a computer. I don’t know what he saw in that analytic, but he then poured a grey fluid into the mixture. It turned red. He sighed and told me I could return to my desk. Was that some kind of cure attempt? I was never told. One of the days stuck out, and was about 3 months after that. We had a group of people in a closed room, and I was told they were infected. They looked normal enough, not acting too crazy, but I noticed bags under their eyes. None of them had slept. I was told to enter the room, open a vial, wait 5 seconds, then close it and leave the sealed room. I had protective gear put on me, including a gas mask. So I guessed the virus was airborne. I asked if I was supposed to enter the room yet, and 1 of the scientists told me to wait. He opened a glass lid on top of a red button, and pressed it. 2 holes opened up in the sealed room, and un-operated machine guns came out of them. I was silent. They fired at the crowd in the room and all of the people fell down. I was then told to enter the room and then to the thing with the vial. I was already sick. I’ve never in my life seen someone die before, and there were so many of them. But I walked past the air seal and into the room. I uncapped the vial, waited 5 seconds, and started to walk out. Keyword: started, because something grabbed the back of my leg. I looked back and it was a about 30 year old man, the only one that I know of who wasn’t dead. I shook of his grip and quickly ran to the door. The “scientist” noticed that one of them was alive, and pressed the button again. Nothing happened, so took his pistol and gas mask, entered the room, and shot the man in the head. I was sent back to my desk.

I suppose I should introduce our building sectors. Basically because we are now fighting a disease the building was separated by sectors. If one of the 5 sectors happened to be infected, then it will be shut off by doors and subsequently quarantined. Those doors were kind of like the watertight doors in the Titanic, in more ways than one. I was put, and still currently am typing in sector 5.

Anyways, whenever Otis recorded his weekly report, he was instructed to keep it under 5 minutes. If otherwise, the recorder would automatically stop and get sent to everyone at the lab, for safety precautions in case he died or something.

Now the thing is only the main ceos of the organization were able to listen to it. We on the other hand, just got a transcript of it. The transcripts were not hand typed however, they were automatically made by a voice recognition software. Software software software. There’s software everywhere in this building. This place would be crippled if, for example, one of the scientists got infected. If he went on an insane rant and rushed up to our server room. And set it on fire. Because if that were to happen, our cyber-wall would be the first to go. The sad thing is, that did happen. Our cyberwall stopped working. And over the course of months, everything that was connected to our main mini-internet got infected. Slowly. The computer part of the virus could have easily infected all of our electronics nearly instantly, but it didn’t. It’s as if it was toying with us. It’s as if it wanted to give us false hope. For some reason my office computer was one of the first to get infected. I was checking my desktop for any assignments, and all of a sudden my screen went black.

I saw a red face.

But it wasn’t just an image. It moved. Its “mouth” slowly formed into a smile. Then my screen and all the lights in my room turned off and I heard a window break. I was rushed to another office. Little did I know that slowly all computers in there would get infected. It simply was inevitable. So our problems were quite big. This so called “New Year’s Day Virus” had even stopped us.

There was another obvious problem. Sector 4 was infected.

You might have been wondering how that one scientist got infected. Well he went outside to get a sample of the oxygen outside. He was wearing a gas mask, but he still got infected. It’s likely that his gas mask had a hole in it or something. He then set our server room on fire, as you already know. He retreated into sector 4, and that’s when people started to get infected there.

I was chilled when I received the text transcript from a broadcast from Otis.

Here it is. “Otis here, not here for a weekly report, I’m just worried. I haven’t gotten much sleep recently, so bags are starting to appear under my eyes, I’m not infected, but just worried. Maybe I’m anxious because my sector’s been infected, but hiding in this room is working. It is. I’m not infect-… Oh god. I’ve been chewing my thumb for the past 5 minutes. It’s bleeding. I won’t get a bandage or anything, I can’t. I won’t risk going outside because I can hear them in the hallway. They won’t stop screaming. WHY WON’T THEY JUST DIE AND STOP MAKING NOISE! People will think I’m infected right?!! BECAUSE I CA-…………………I can’t hear anything. I can’t hear myself. I’m seeing red. I’m infected. I’m infected. I’M INFECTED. INFECTED. CORRUPT. I CAN’T HEAR MYSELF I͠ ҉C͟AN’͘T ̨S̨EE͠ ͜A̡NY͡THI̢N͜G͜. I̶ ̷҉͝W̵̕Á͝N̷͝T̸ ̸̀͘T̨̡̨O҉̧ G͟Ơ.C̶̵̯̻̭͙̲A͍͇͡Ń̗̤̬͇͝ ̢̨̗̠̭̗A̡̖͈͍͉͎̕͡N͈̲̜Y̦̹̣̘̝̹͖̲Ò͚̲͝N̼̣̩͍̯͖E̯̝̮͖̜̭͟ ͎̟̭̝H͈͓̰͘͞͠E͙̦̘A̰̗̥̘͉̰̟͈͖R̷̨̛̺͍̯ ͖͓͔̩̱̘͕̙́͞͞M̻͓̪̹̫̕͝E҉̳̞̩̘̖͈̲ͅ? H̴̡̡͓̦̗͉̻͎͔͍̮̖̪̭̟̜̲͓͟E̸̢̢̡̘̜̥͔̝̲̺̬L͠͏͓̬̼̹̭̞̟̭͙̪̳̝͈̣̻͠ͅP҉̸̢͙̻̞͍̪̘͈̦̱̙̙͙ͅ ̕͠͏͖͓͖̥͔̠̰͎̙̳͈̗M̲͚̮̩͇̦͢͟E̴̮̲͎̩̱̼̥̖͔̖̬̦̤̠̘̳̙̠̕ ̨̨̛͓̜͓͖̙͈̱͎̘͉̹̪̘̺͔̕͘.

I̴͐ͩ͑̓̄̋̌ͨ̆̓̽̑ͯ̑ͥ̇̑͏̶̵͖͈̦̫̗͎̫ ̩͚̠̤̞̞͉͓̲̙̲͗̎̋͋̈́ͫ̅̅ͫ͂̍̓ͬ͝͞N̙̲͍̤̠̣͓͓̩̪͓͎̗ͮ̈́̎͌̐ͤ́ͦ́͆͐ͮ̅͑ͥ́Ê̛̙͇̫̤̮̼̟̼͎̗͉̜͆͛͆̄̔͂̅͞È̡̤̝̣͙̦̰͓̹̝̗̪̜̙̺̖̩̩͖̑ͯͦ͊ͯ̒͊͒̿͐ͮ͡͡͠D̵̪̝̣͕̮͍̰̭͂̌́̉́͘͢ͅͅͅͅ ̛̎͂͂̇̌̽̿͏͇͇͔̖S̷̡͇̠͚͕͕̦͉͈̼͇̘̬̣̘̘̟ͭ͊̓̾̉͒ͩ͒̌͛̄̈́ͮͤ̕͢Ơ̪̤̖̠̳̞͉͈͈̞̜̄ͯ͂̇ͬ́͋̋̌ͥ͋́͑͆̚̕M̎̊̃͐ͦ́ͨͨ̓̌̅̔͑҉̩̜̠̩͟͝E̛̲̞̺̻̞̠̠̞͉̦̩̟̣͔̞̱͙̙̝̍̆̍̍̿͊͛̇ͨͩ̒͋̌̐͂ͯ̎́͘O̡̢̳͎͇̼̙̝͙̰̝̯͓̗̘͚͛̏ͩͯͬ̍ͯ͆͡͡ͅN̴̯̳̺̘͈͇̬͎͇̥̪̹͓̖̋͌̓͐̒̎̉̆̓ͥ̀E̵̝̖̲̥̰̼͕̫̭̻͔͔͙̭͌̌͑͒͋ͧ͌ͦͯ̈́ͭ͊̾̚̕͠ͅ ̶̨̩̯̝͖̭̤͇̩̘͔̿͊̾̐̽͗ͫ́ͣ̂̑ͭͯ̏ͣ̚͜͜T̽̉̉҉̡̮̝̖̩̣͎͈̣̞̩̪͔̣̼̹͕͠ͅO̴̫̬̯̦̖̪̖̰̥͓͎̭̻͋͛̂̓̒̎ ̿̀ͬ̽͛͆̈̚҉̸̯̹̫̯͕̳̤͟Ĝ̛̦̹̹̙̲̍ͪ̋̃̔͢E̛̹͙̗̠̰͖͔̱̫͇͓͕͇̓ͦ̊̃ͬ̑̃͊̀͂̿ͮ͆ͯ͑ͮ͋́̚ͅŢ̸̢̝̣̜̤͇͕̦̱̹͓̰̍ͣ̀̓̇ͩ̽͒̐͠ͅ ̶̷̢̣̥͉̠͕͉͙̠̘̼̣̯̩̲ͫ͌̆̓͐̈́͝M̴͋͌ͬ̄͗ͣ͠͏͚̗̳̦͇̹̰͚Ę̡̯̻̥̻͖̭̹̼̪̰̟̟̻̳͙̬̭̖ͬ̀̑ͯ̔ͬ̽̅͗͒͗̅͋̐̕͡ͅ ̷͒͊̆̓̈̃̾̓͑͆͘͏̖͍̱̙̪̝̦̘̰͈O̵͇͍͖̟̱̯̟̞̣̹̖̬̼̖̟ͭ͑̄͛͐ͬ̈ͤ̂̋͊̌̓̓͢͝͝ͅŬ̌͊̎̀ͥ͏͇̦͉͓͍̼̘̤͈͉́̀͞T̨̞̥̗͓̼̩͉̼͎̝̗͛̏̑ͦ̓̎̋̇͋̈ͪ́̀́͡ ͎̳̣̝͉̟̖͈̞ͩ͋̏ͤͩ̾̿́͊̎̽́͡ͅÖ̸̡̡̥͔͍̦̪̱̜̜̹̻̮̪͓͗̈́̉͢͡Fͨ̏̐͐ͫ͋ͪ̒̿̈́̈ͪͪͧ͏̢̢̠̩̭̬̯̘̝͉̝͓̖̯̗̭́ ̳̤̩͔͔̥̜͒̉͐̎̓̇͞H̬̠͖̪̠̩̗̮ͣͤͩ̿̑ͩͥ̋ͥͬ̒̔͘̕E̛̪̟͖̭̳͕̠̩̣̜̜̞͇͈͗̌̑̎͒̉̀R̢̢̤͙̗̻̣̞͔̤̱̠̻̼͙̃ͪ̾ͥ̓̔̊́ͮ͒ͧͫ͗̀̈́͋̃͢͞E̢͕̫̪͔̣̭̦̟̰͓̳̪̺͉͉̒͛̏̀͝͡”


I’m not sure what was with the text there. It seems that it was glitched. Maybe by the virus.

Anyhow I knew 2 things. Firstly, that many people in this company are now dead. Secondly, that the main file for the human virus was in one of the ceos office, or at least the computer version. So I’m going to take a stroll to that office, as my sector has not been infected yet, (It however has been evacuated), get the file into a thing drive, and bring it back to my computer.

I just gt back and my hands are shaking. I needd to calm down in oreder to type corretcly

There you go. I’ll explain what happened.

I entered the CEO’s office and he was dead. He was on the floor, and it looked like someone threw a brick at his head.

I think.

I didn’t take to much of a closer look, I just ran to the table to get the file. There are more details about the dead body though. I won’t put them in here, because seeing those gross details in relation to the corpse made me vomit.

So I wont put them in here.

I need to go sleep.

I’ll read the file tomorrow.

Chapter 5 So. I wrote a lot yesterday. But I’m going to finish this report. I really don’t care that I’m using informal language, I’m just trying to get this out. Just in case someone finds this , or just in case I survive this and show it to someone. It’s going to get out.

So I looked at the file in the thumb drive. It was the company’s classified report for the Entire human section of this virus. Some things I already knew. I’m actually still reading it right now as I’m typing, so I’ll just copy paste it in and finish reading.

Virus strain 1a-37b “The New Year’s Day Virus 1a”

Time for symptoms to take in effect: 1 day-8 months

It is airborne and can infect by inhalation and skin contact

Known symptoms: Anxiety, Hyperactivity, Insomnia, Psychosis, and Tiredness.

I noticed something.

How it infects people.

I think I get something now.

I get how that scientist got infected.

All he had was agas mask, so he got infected because his skin was unprotected.

I was unprotected during the cure research

I think I’m infected.

Yeah, I am.

I’ve got to be.

I don’t know what to do.

I’m just going to keep typing away for a report that no one’s going to read.

I’m going to die alone.

In this office.

Ohh man,

Idonts kwno what to do

icaNt see too uch right nowa but imstill trying to sype

Im fetiing tired noiw

My harnds are slugigng

I thik my earsa are bleediosng kfgm ,./dfd

Jchnkjznm sdfdsf

End session report

Time logged: December 31 2018, 21:41


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