An INCREDIBLE read. Gripping storytelling with an unassuming plot. Could not put this beauty down.

scott j. thurman

“A violent and surprising journey. Tarantino-esque.” 
“Pulp Fiction meets Fifty Shades of Grey.”

Suicide By Everest Book Cover

This is the story of Brigham “Brig” Young VIII, first-in-line to inherit the wealth and power that the Young family has amassed over the centuries, through their chain of international hotels.  After a harrowing experience as a missionary in Hong Kong, where Brig unwittingly gets involved with members of a Chinese organized crime society (e.g. Triad), Brig returns home to the uncompromising expectations of his father, his religion, and his legacy.  Following a public scandal that exposes his life of debauchery and addictions, Brig is disinherited by his father and excommunicated from his church.  Hitting bottom, Brig determines that his only option is suicide. But not just any suicide. Brig resolves to make a macabre statement with his death by traveling from Salt Lake City, through Hong Kong and China, eventually reaching his gravesite, Mount Everest.

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