Past Times

I saved her, I actually saved her this time, but at a terrible cost. And as I lay there, shaking and growing ever colder, she held me close and waited for the inevitable. I distinctly remember this being the other way around before. Every time I tried to change the outcome, there she was, dying … Continue reading Past Times



The dark drew in and turned the night sky a deeper shade of evergreen. Steam hung in the air and strobes of neon lit the damp pavement in a dazzling sea of blinding colour. This was Cassiopeia. Built in the nuclear ridden deserts of the Dark Times, it stood in the wastes as a beacon … Continue reading Cassiopeia

Smells of Sunday

Content to be alone in a field of untouched country snow, Robert Feldt’s quaint split-level home stood frozen in time—motionless against the empty sky and rolling January drifts, midday sun casting glaring white light into every nook and snow-capped cranny. A postcard image save the gentle stream of wispy smoke emanating from Robert’s humble chimney. … Continue reading Smells of Sunday