Sheila Sheila

Sheila Sheila!

Sheila walked in. She couldn’t believe her eyes! It was her! Standing right in front of her was her daughter and granddaughter. granddaughter?! Sheila couldn’t believe that she would be saying that at this age in her life. The daughter was nervous. They hadn’t seen each other in 3 years! “Where have you been?” Sheila asked. The daughter responded, “Far away but I knew it was time to come home.” Tears started streaming down Sheila’s face.Tears began to run down her daughters face. The baby lay quiet in her arms.Mother and daughter come to each other and hug and cry. They hug for a few minutes. Then Sheila looks down at her new granddaughter but she’s gone. Sheila looks up at her daughter and she slowly disappears.

“Mom….mom….MOM!” a male voice yells out to her. Sheila turns around and a tall,young male is standing there. “Mom, you didn’t hear me calling for you?” “Sorry I didn’t.” “I’m ready to go” he says impatiently. “I’ll meet you downstairs” she tells him as she wipes her face. He turns and goes downstairs. She walks over to the mirror and looks at herself. “Sheila.” a female voice says behind her. “Sheila!” Sheila turns around, it’s a funeral director. Sheila is in a funeral home The director and her male assistant (who look like her son and daughter) are standing there each with a small urn in their hands. The director says, ” I know this is hard day for you, today is the day we honor the death of your baby twins. We want to do your baby boy and baby girl justice.” Sheila looks and a teardrop falls down her face.


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