The Mightiest Five

The mightiest five

        Stygian clouds roll across the sky. Trepidation hangs in the stale air as if anticipating the

death and chaos that would soon follow. In the middle of what was once known as the Atlantic,

before the arrival of the five resides a large island barren and lifeless. This is be where it would

all finally end. It will soon begin, the longtime dreaded and unavoidable battle between the

mightiest monarchs to ever live. The prize, neo earth itself.

         Three thousand years ago the world was conquered by five people. After wars that nearly

destroyed the planet they established absolute rule erasing any earlier existing governments and

monarchies. No one knew their real identities, or how they came to be but one thing was certain,

they were beyond human. Each singlehandedly brought down the militaristic force of continents

and claimed lordship. After Athan, the self-proclaimed king of Australia was seduced and killed

and his territory poached by the frost witch Sedolfine five hundred years ago the remaining four

rulers agreed to never leave their respective borders, vowing death on whoever intruded unto the

others lands.

 Glaring down onto the island from miles above,  Jumo  watches with fervor.   The slim and

lanky emperor of neo Asia quietly suspended in the air, the soft breeze carrying the smell and

taste of the over salted sea to his senses . His thin dark hair dances in the wind behind him.,

piercing jade eyes scanning the surface below awaiting the arrival of his foes. It had been

five hundred years since the five had last met, he was unsure how strong the others had gotten

again. But For the man capable of lifting mountains and dropping them on cities with his mind

all he needs is to see his enemy to kill them.

In the middle of the island stands the hulking figure of Thenadier ruler and conqueror of north

and south America. Clad in silver armor and a faceless helmet the invulnerable master of

alchemy who alone slaughtered an army of over twenty million in three minutes. All fear his

rage, none dare defy his fiendish sword forged from the philosophers’ stone which bestows him

dominion and control over all inorganic matter.

Watching the arrogant thenadier from the dark is the sadistic and beautiful frost witch Sedolfine.

A tower of a woman nearly seven foot tall. Her light blue hair barely reaching her ears. a

sickening smile crawls unto her pasty white face as she slowly drags her tongue across her lips.

Legendary for her cruelty she was feared for her tyranny and methods of conquering neo

Europe three thousand years ago. After blanketing the continent in ice for over a month she

trapped the survivors in a blizzard for three more weeks until all countries eventually


Perhaps the most cunning and ruthless of the five her greed knows no limit. Sedolfine nearly

caused war when she tricked the lustful fool king Athan killed him and stole his kingdom. few

knew how truly terrifying she was though. She waited patiently to seduce and kill Athan when

she could have simply froze his territory and taken it. That was because she did not truly want

the territory but the thrill of stalking ,trapping and killing her prey for she was as insane and

wicked as she was beautiful.

She forms several razor sharp glaciers that grow and grow until they are hurling up at jumo. The

glaciers exploded into trillions of tiny shimmering pieces falling beautifully as soon as they got

close to Jumo as if he was shielded by a powerful invisible force. Sedolfine spoke as she begun

stepping into view“ its been so long since I’ve seen that handsome face of yours I see your as

afraid of contact as ever, how about you come down here and give a nice warm kiss to warm me

up im a little chilly, hahahha” she laughs eerily . “enough witch” said thenadier disgust sewn

unto his face “ there will be enough time for that latter. We still have one more missing”.

The three wait in silence until he finally shows. Stepping out of a shimmer of light was the last

of the four, the conqueror of Africa and the middle east Aka-Tazulu. The most mysterious of the

four he never spoke , never showed emotion and never had any interest in the others. His long

braided hair fell to the middle of his back effectively covering his face. Covered in a series of

marking on his arms , legs, and torso he silently watched the others. The four seemingly inhuman

tyrants each aware of the direness of the situation yet none willing to give up their thrones

without a fight.

        Thenadier spoke ,his voice as commanding as thunder “ finally, it shall begin. I take it we

are all aware of the reason we are here. We have for the past three thousand years avoided

fighting and expanding our territory’s and have been contempt with our respective kingdoms,

well most of us anyways “ ( he said glaring at Sedolfine) due to the carnage and destruction that

would follow if we fought all out there would hardly be any territory left to rule for the winner.

But as we all know we no longer have a choice in the matter, the continents are moving closer

and closer than ever and in the next millennia all seven will become one. Our people will suffer

from disasters and storms of all magnitudes , we will have too much to do protecting them to

settle issues of borders and land separation. Before we have anymore life born in our kingdoms

we have to settle this matter as to reduce the amount of life’s lost from our battle”.

He reaches to his side and drawing his magnificent golden sword “ soo , let us with honor fight

to the death , the winner shall claim the territories of the los” before he finishes speaking a layer

of ice begins covering the island crawling its way up Thenadiers body. He stabs his sword into

the ground tossing up pieces of rock and dirt. As they fall they glowed red with passion as they

turned into lava and landed on him melting the ice. He lunges forward swinging at sedolfines

head fury lit in his eyes “its rude to interrupt when someone is speaking witch” he yells.

She flips backs and lands on a freshly formed pillar of ice sticks out her tongue and giggles as

the pillar shoots into the air getting taller and taller sending her rocketing towards Jumo. the

clouds weep, it begins to storm. Then almost as fast as it began to fall the rain hardens turning

into little daggers of ice which sedolfine sends flying at Jumo. he snaps his fingers. “ btoom” a

shockwave then a “ pop” all the ice is destroyed and sedolfine knocked of her pillar of ice falling

head first.

        Watching patiently as they  fight aka tazulu rolls his eyes and stares up looking past jumo

and sedolfine as if waiting for something. Suddenly thin cracks appear in the sky they spread and

widen until there is a large dark hole in the middle of the sky. Jumo quickly grasps its danger

“tsk” he lets out and turns attempting to fly away. Too late to escape he is frozen in place unable

to move and sucked into the empty hole.

              A second crack appears below the falling Sedolfine “no no  no ahhhh” she lots out in

terror dissapearing inside the darkness the hole quickly closing after. A bright white tentacle

appeares out of the first hole and goes straight for thenadier. He immediately understands the

situation and rushes at tazulu dragging his sword on the ground creating a stream of lava ,before

he can attack tazulu with it the tentacle wraps around his neck violently yanking him backwards

into the empty void , the cracks slowly closing behind him


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