The dark drew in and turned the night sky a deeper shade of evergreen. Steam hung in the air and strobes of neon lit the damp pavement in a dazzling sea of blinding colour. This was Cassiopeia. Built in the nuclear ridden deserts of the Dark Times, it stood in the wastes as a beacon of hope and an example of the endurance and perseverance of the human race.

A city of industry and promise, all were sold on the idea of a utopia but it was far from that. Behind the veneer lied something much darker. A city founded on greed and corruption, it’s poor exploited to benefit the rich and powerful.

Others stood up to them eventually but a successful coup only brought about a greater evil, one in their own ranks who sought to use the influence and connections of the group to create a powerful dictatorship and just like that, the dream was dead.

My mother and father were rounded up for execution but their skills proved too valuble. They were placed into a government program where they began experiments in engineering the perfect blend of man and machine. Transhumanism to some, abomination to others.

Today I’m waiting on the streets, anxious to see another of “Cathode” Ray’s speeches. That sly old fox, how his signal got past the Beams I’ll never know. The people here are too conditioned, too much like sheep now to want to do anything to upset the order that chokes this city.

Only I remain. Sure there are others, like Ray, but they’re either hiding out in the wastes with the wastrels and barbarians or locked away and never heard from again. I’m number one on their hit list, the only person capable of bringing this regime to it’s knees.

Inside my memory lies the files necessary to shut down The System and save this city from itself. This was my purpose from the beginning. My father created me and even died to protect me. My name is Cas, just like the city I live in. It is my sister, my twin and it is through “Her” I must go If I am to fulfil my father’s wish.

Even now, they are preparing a flesh construct to house her within. They plan to create the perfect weapon to take me down. Bring it on I say, I’m ready for them.


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