The Day They Landed – JMA

They came peacefully, seeking the rarest gem in the cosmos. "Please," their spokesperson implored, "bring us the wisest of your kind." After much deliberation, humanity nominated an old, shriveled husk of a man and sent him out to the delegation. In hushed tones of reverence, they asked him one question. "Deliver unto us the learnings of … Continue reading The Day They Landed – JMA

Tiger Beetle – N. Ulrich

It was several months before we talked again. This was back when AOL instant messenger still existed. I was LordAarog0rn. I know it's not how you spell it, but it was already taken so I had to get tricky with my 1337 computer skills. You were denisonluvsme, named for some singer I'd never heard of, … Continue reading Tiger Beetle – N. Ulrich