Into the Sunset – C. Fillmore

“Gee,” Jesse noted, squinting painfully into the sunset’s incessantly brilliant rays. “S’awfully bright.” “Yea,” agreed his partner, Jessie, bouncing steadily on her trusty Appaloosa while her white-gloved hand attempted in vain to shield her watering eyes. “Sure is. Stings like an angry yellow jacket, it does.” “Hm.” Silence. Awkward, uncomfortable riding. The shifting wind swept … Continue reading Into the Sunset – C. Fillmore


5day10k: Western 11/14-11/18

Write. Compete. Win. There's nothing like competition and a deadline to get those creative juices flowing. Compete in our weekly 5day10k, and write a 10,000 word short story based on the theme below. Submit the best story, and win $100. Week 11/14-11/18 Theme: Western High overhead a vulture circles. In the distance a wolf howls. In the … Continue reading 5day10k: Western 11/14-11/18