The Pearls of Doman

The waves lapped gently against the shore, the sunset reflecting like a million burning embers off the choppy water's surface. A warm wind was blowing from the south, bringing with it smells of lilac and honeysuckle. Spring's explosion was in full force, and the rolling green terrain that met the sea was polka-dotted with countless … Continue reading The Pearls of Doman


I sat down after giving my presentation on the effects of light pollution on the egg laying practices of sea turtles. My classmates had been decent. A few had asked thoughtful questions to show they had paid attention, and the rest gave me the polite applause expected in a 100 level Geography Class. The Preservation … Continue reading Tuna

10 Tips For Editing Your Short Story — A Writer’s Path

by Writer in Wedges So you have written your short story and cannot wait to release it into the world. But before doing that, it is important to take some extra time to make sure your story is properly edited, despite the fact that editing is nowhere near as fun as writing. Spell/Grammar CheckThe first … Continue reading 10 Tips For Editing Your Short Story — A Writer’s Path