Professional Beta-Reading


Finally. It’s done. Your magnum opus, your word-child, your novel. The thing you’ve been dreaming about, working on, and tinkering with for ages sits before you, a collection of words and phrases you’ve devised. Now that it’s done, there’s only one thing left to do: find someone to publish it.

But Wait…Slow your roll.

Before you begin submitting to any and every publisher, remember that the novel has to make sense to the reader. The story makes absolute sense to you because you’re the one that created it, but does your work read well? Does it flow? Are there errors? Is the chronology messed up? What did you mean by this whole section?

Have your family and friends read it, sure. They love you and will give you feedback. But they won’t give you professional feedback. We will.

$50 Beta-Read

Any Novel, Any Size

Take advantage of our low cost Beta-Reading services. For one low cost we will look at your novel through a professional lens. We will look for things we would expect to see in any submissions, we will make suggestions to strengthen your writing, and we will provide honest feedback.

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