5 Steps to (finally) Fulfilling Your Travel Dreams – AnItalianDish

“Start by doing what’s necessary, then do what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.”  St. Francis of Assisi. And another inspirational line – “If not now, when?” I remember a time when I thought international travel was for other people, that it was just beyond my reach. There wasn’t enough money, there were language … Continue reading 5 Steps to (finally) Fulfilling Your Travel Dreams – AnItalianDish


Bob – J. Vessly

Bob came to visit again last night. Originally he scared me, but he has become somewhat comforting. I'm getting ahead of myself though... The first time he showed up was around October of 2016. It was at night, but I don't know the exact time. His (it's) name isn't really "Bob," but I had to … Continue reading Bob – J. Vessly

Genie Conundrum – A. Rybach

Face contorted by a mixture of cramped agony and startled surprise, Mohamud gasped for air as unseen demonic magic stretched his body. Pulled like soft date candy, the forces squeezed him into the nameless void. Vision fading, Mohamud remained conscious just long enough to feel himself hopelessly cast into a pitch-black metal cavern. He thunked … Continue reading Genie Conundrum – A. Rybach

Mochi Effect – R. Weaver

Akena’s pupils dilated, revealing the full brilliance of her crystal sapphire corneas as the world around her slowed to an insignificant crawl. Peripherals tuned out, her vision narrowed to focus on one crucial individual. Him—the exchange student. Innocently attractive, his ocean blue eyes and curly blonde hair radiated with objective beauty, and his tall frame … Continue reading Mochi Effect – R. Weaver